Trusted Legal Guidance

Trusted Legal Guidance

We help with family, estate, or debt relief issues.

Focused on Meeting Your Most Important Legal Needs

When a legal issue arises in your life, it's important to find a lawyer who will carefully examine the details of the case and design a solid defense for you. At Panaggio Law, we can guide you through various legal matters, including family law, estate planning, debt relief, and real estate.

Who We Are

Led by attorney Brenda Panaggio, our firm emphasizes professional, personalized, and cost-effective legal advice and representation. Our team serves our clients in Massachusetts  and Rhode Island.

What We Do

Count on us to assist you with a broad range of legal concerns. We strive to provide high-quality and responsive legal services throughout all stages of life.

Law Office of Brenda L. Panaggio

If you are facing a divorce or child custody issue, we can help you find a solution that meets your goals and is the perfect match for your family.

Family Law

Law Office of Brenda L. Panaggio

Taking care of your estate arrangements properly requires sensitivity and skill. Our team would be happy to show you the right steps to take.

Estate Planning and Administration

Law Office of Brenda L. Panaggio

Chronic financial problems can weigh you down both emotionally and legally. We can guide you through bankruptcy laws as you take steps toward debt relief.


Law Office of Brenda L. Panaggio

Our team is skilled in various types of real estate matters, including short sales, selling homes, and stopping foreclosure.

Real Estate

Law Office of Brenda L. Panaggio

Business Law

Why Choose Us

To make you feel safe as you explain the specifics of your case, we ensure that our office has a professional and personable environment. We promise to treat you with respect and to respond promptly to your inquiries. Rest easy knowing that you can contact your attorney directly by phone or e-mail when you work with us.

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Call us today to discuss various legal matters regarding your specific circumstances. Our paralegal and client services manager would be more than happy to schedule your consultation with attorney Brenda Panaggio. If you prefer, you may also complete our online form.